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AHT Advanced Heating Technologies Ltd. is a global leader in heating technology for household, commercial, industrial and open spaces. The main activities of the company are the promotion of new applied heating technologies, based on two of their own revolutionary technologies:amorphous metal ribbon and amorphous metal powder
AHT heating amorphous metal ribbon with a thickness of +25 microns is significantly more effective because it is based on unique heating technology with metal amorphous ribbon and has significant advantages over any type of underfloor heating, which are: Large heating surface of the ribbon, small element mass, lower operating temperature, lower insulation, miscellaneous heating costs.

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ELNUR-GABARRON provides you with the most efficient heating solution you need, in accordance with the latest technologies.
With facilities over 20,000m2 in Madrid, Spain, 40 years of experience in heating, a wide opus of products that are constantly improving, and with an extensive human and technical team,
ELNUR-GABARRON is one of the leading companies in the world in this field.
Commitment to quality is unwavering, and it is characterized by complete control over processes in all areas of the company, according to valid European standards. Certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are evidence of this.
The highest quality electric heating appliances with innovative technology are the result of constant research and improvement of work. An attractive design, lightweight installation, reliable quality, proven safety and longevity are the convincing advantages of Elnur-Gabarron heating systems.
ELNUR-GABARRON products are uniquely designed and manufactured from high quality materials and components, which is a decisive advantage when it comes to delivering excellent performance and efficiency, with the aim of meeting the highest expectations of customers in today’s world of technology that is constantly moving forward.

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German company VAUTID has been present on the world market for more than 55 years in over 60 countries. As a global leader in its business, VAUTID has a great interest in developing and increasing its presence on the Serbian market. VAUTID system solutions are designed for industrial equipment and process engineering machines, primarily taking into account the preventive protection and regeneration of wear-resistant elements. VAUTID plans, develops and produces comprehensive wear solutions. The customized VAUTID concept fits perfectly into technological and economic conditions, ensuring safety and profitable production. VAUTID ensures continuous performance and return of invested funds. The VAUTID’s production program is, above all, intended for large production systems-such as ore mines, thermal power plants, factories that use ores as primary raw materials in production. With VAUTID equipment, it is possible to significantly increase the service life of all surfaces subject to abrasion and high wear.

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The RADIALIGHT brand was created in 2006. together with a precise, new mission of the company which is now a reference point: the creation of a modern and elegant design for heating, in order to improve comfort and living standards, using innovative technologies.
Products, most of which are produced in the Segrate plant, are sold worldwide, with export quotas approaching 90% of total turnover.

The quality system is certified by ISO 9001 and all RADIALIGHT products fully meet the requirements of the security standards in force in Italy, EU countries, as well as in some countries that are not on the European continent – a guarantee of reliability and safety.

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Petrokemija Kutina is a strategic partner from Croatia. It is engaged in the production of a wide range of mineral fertilizers, soot and black pigment, as well as clay products for the needs of the industry. Petrohemija, with the mediation of Binvex, has been present on the Serbian market for more than 15 years and during that time has continuously supplied the Serbian market with its products of extremely high quality.

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TRM develops, produces and sells high quality ductile iron casting pipes for the transport of drinking water, waste water as well as systems for fire protection, artificial snow production systems, pressure pipelines for hydro turbines, pressure pipelines for mines and piles for structures in deep fundraising. Top quality products provide a significant and sustainable contribution to the establishment of high-value infrastructures, both in the supply of drinking water and in the disposal of wastewater.

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IP Cleaning is the leading Italian company in the field of production of industrial and vacuum cleaners for the home-use of the latest generation, excellent performance and very high quality. For its 35 years of existence, IP Cleaning has won 80% of the market in Italy, and it is represented in another 70 countries of the world. After years of research and development in both technology and sales organization, as well as the ability to provide maintenance and technical support services, IPC is ready to offer ultimate solutions to customers at competitive prices. IP Cleaning is committed to the highest quality of its products, and is therefore recognized as one of the leading names in the field of vacuum cleaner production. IP Cleaning has ISO 9001: 2000 certification, which guarantees every user that money invested in IPC products is a good investment.

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For decades, Olsberg has been a specialist in the field of electrical heating. A wide range of central and individual heating systems enabled Olsberg to become the leading supplier in the world market. Electric heaters of the highest quality with innovative technology are the result of Olsberg’s continuous research and improvement of work. Attractive design, light installation construction, reliable quality, proven safety and longevity are the convincing advantages of Olsberg’s heating systems. Olsberg heating systems are, without exception, manufactured from the finest materials. The most stringent requirements in terms of quality have enabled production in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard. Many certificates of independent international quality assurance associations have confirmed the safety of Olsberg’s products.

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ASW – Adolf Schmidt Metallwaren

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