Dynamic Storage Heater – ADL 3kW

65.633,00 RSD

Product description:

ADL is a high-cost storage heater exceptional value for money. The ADL storage heaters are easy to install, easy to use, provide excellent performance with low power costs.
Fan-type thermal storage heaters offer higher levels of insulation and have a larger internal air chamber, which also houses a heat-release fan.
These heaters have an input control to regulate the charging capacity, the output is regulated by an external control,
such as a room thermostat (available as an optional part, see the Thermostats link).
This storage heater will naturally emit a low amount of “background” heating, designed to release accumulated heat as needed by an external fan-activated thermostat to quickly distribute heat to the room. This type of heater provide a fantastic solution for users who want to control when to release the accumulated heat energy to heat the room quickly.

Technical specification:

Dimensions (WxHxD): 81,0 x 66,0 x 24,0cm

Weight: 167 kg

Power: 3000W

Rated charging: 24 kWh

Color: white

Warranty: 2 years


Download PDF:

Catalog - Storage Heater ADL