Vacuum cleaner – GP 1/27 HEPA ISO5

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Product description:

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GP 1/27 HEPA ISO5 is a special filter vacuum cleaner intended for cleaning in health-care facilities, clean rooms or medical centers: the antibacterial mixture of plastic from which it is made, prevents the spread of bacteria and reduces them by up to 99.8% and is an ideal solution for health-care facilities.

This professional vacuum cleaner is suitable for vacuuming hazardous and harmful dust of class X, and ISO 5 certification enables its use in sterilized environments, which makes it an important cleaning tool for professional hygiene companies working in hospitals. For this type of work, the vacuum cleaner must be specially certified, because cleaning in health care environments has a double task of cleaning and disinfection. This double action achieves the essential goal of preventing uncontrolled infections.

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Technical specification:

Power: 1300 W
Water lift: 2870 mm/H2O
Air flow: 210 m3/h
Tank capacity: 27 l
Noise level: 64 dB(A)
Accessories diameter: 36 mm
Dimensions: 380x380x650 mm
Weight: 10,5 kg
Cable length: 8,5 m


*Warning light for excessive filter pressure
*For toxic dust: Certified by nostrified laboratories as X class
*The alarm prevents excessive filter pressure
*Compliance with ISO 14644-1 for use in environments where the concentration of dust in the air is strictly limited and controlled
*Compliance with electromedical procedures to avoid electromagnetic interference or RF emissions
*Innovative seal – maximum tightness: No loss of air flow during suction
*Multi-phase filtration
*HEPA H14 cartridge and surface filters
*Safe disposal systems
*PCB Prefilter


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