Floor cleaner – SR500 M

40.000,00 RSD

Product description:

SR500 M is a floor cleaner. Practical and mobile, this handheld cleaner is easy to move and is designed for all home and other floor surfaces. Extremely economical, it is made of hard materials, with low operating costs and easy to use and maintain.

The SR500 M is very grateful for adjusting the central and side brush when pressing without tools, as well as for washing the system with the mechanism backwards.

The SR500 M is very user-friendly, folding handle is extremely handy since it allows the cleaner to be placed in very small rooms.

Technical specification:

Dimensions(WxHxD): 130,0 x 92,0 x 92,0 cm

MAX working area: 670 mm
Width of the main brush: 490 mm
Volume of disposal bag: 24l
Power supply: Manual


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