Digital electric radiator – ICON

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Opis proizvoda:

Sophisticated and elegant design of electric radiator with DUAL-THERM heating technology based on thermal radiation and efficient convection, provide warmth to your home and contribute to the elegant interior of your rooms, only 45 cm wide.

Heating technology

ICON features DUAL-THERM technology, which represents two different heating systems in one product: convection allows you to quickly achieve the desired room temperature, while thermal radiation ensures that the front surface transmits constant and even comfort.

Device control

Simple and practical weekly programming with 3 different preset programs to suit your lifestyle.
Label of ideal comfort temperature for energy saving.
Powercheck function to detect exactly how much electricity has been consumed in the last 24 hours or 7 days.
Choice of 4 different modes: Comfort, Eco, Anti frost, Programmable.
Possibility of security locking of commands.

Open window detector
IP24 Water spray protection, ideal for installation even in humid places
Quick and easy installation with included mounting kit and zero maintenance costs

Tehničke specifikacije:

ICON is available in 4 different versions, each in white or anthracite. Great choice for the right solution for you.