Towel dryer and radiator – DEVA

47.675,00 RSD

Opis proizvoda:

DEVA is an electric, glass radiator and towel dryer that gives you everything you need:
– perfect heating for your bathroom with combined heating technology: convection + radiation
– towel dryer with two adjustable towel rails
– an elegant note to your bathroom because of its sophisticated look.
Available in 3 versions:
– DEVA Mirror, DEVA Black, DEVA White

Some more features of this device are:
– Touchscreen controls
– 5 operating modes with weekly programmable mode for each day
– IP24 protection, for complete safety in your bathroom
– Integrated USB port for charging the phone

Click on VIDEO to view the presentation of the device.

To choose the right model and imagine your bathroom without going to the salon with the most modern bathroom heaters and towel dryers, we have prepared a virtual projection of the bathroom for you, which you can access by clicking on the picture:


Tehničke specifikacije:

Power: 1500W Dimensions (WxHxD): 52x105x12,5 IP24 protection, safe from water spray Color: Glass, black or white with aluminum towel rails