Bathroom heater – Windy Visio

17.375,00 RSD

Opis proizvoda:

Windy Visio is a bathroom heater with aluminum towel rails.

Compact, quiet and smart with advanced features that make it easy to use and save energy, Windy is built to the highest ECO-Design standards. The digital display and touchscreen controls are specifically designed for easy control. The surface of the heater is a mirror, ideal for compact bathrooms without excess space.

To choose the right model and imagine your bathroom without going to the salon with the most modern bathroom heaters and towel dryers, we have prepared a virtual projection of the bathroom for you, which you can access by clicking on the picture:


Tehničke specifikacije:

Dimensions (WxHxD): 31,8 x 57,8 x 11,2 Power: 1800/1000W Electronic thermostat with AntiFrost mode Weekly programming, 4 modes Presence sensor, open window detector BOOST function for quick warm-up IP24 protection, safe from water spray Color: with mirror and aluminum towel rail